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Remote Learning Expectations


 Students will follow teacher/building/district policies and instructions when using technology.

Students will comply with all district filters and security measures.

Cameras on during remote lessons

No ‘student only' virtual meets allowed

Devices should be on a desk/ table surface at all times.  Chromebooks should not be on the floor, bed, etc.

Handle devices with care at all times.


Polite, considerate behaviors and the use of appropriate language are expected during class meets.

Report and/or help prevent any bullying or abuse of others.  

Student should be seated with Chromebook device and learning materials at a desk/ table area.   The floor or bed is not conducive to learning and devices are more easily damaged.

Student should be dressed in NVA school uniform while participating in class meets.

Toys, food, music and other distractions to the learning environment should not be included in class meet sessions.

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